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A Bit About The Process

First and foremost, every producer is going to be a little different. They may have a different timeline, different principles and different expectations of you as a customer but this is our process and I will touch on how other farms are likely to be different. Our practices are not law and are not to be compared to those of other producers. It is your right as a consumer to ask questions and be answered, follow your gut and make decisions that feel right for you and your family.

The Timeline

Animal is Born




At this point, or shortly after, a producer may start vocalizing that the animal has arrived so that they might gather information on the degree of interest. 

Weaning is the process of separating the mother from her offspring. This is a process that would naturally occur and often times does on its own before we actively separate them. At this time the farmer needs to decide whether or not to sell this animal to market or keep it back to feed it for direct sale. This is where action is required on your part. Deposits are often taken to secure your animal and to lower the risk factor of the farmer being stuck with costs, should you decide not to follow through. 

(Cattle: 7-9 months  Pigs: 4-6 weeks  Rabbits: 4-6 weeks)

This is the part where a lot of the costs are accumulated. Feeding out an animal with a balanced diet is a lot of hours and investment.

Cattle: 8 months (November-June)

            gain 500-700lbs 

             1.5-2 tons of grain, 3 hay bales

Pigs: 6 months (Dates TBD)

             gain 120-150 lbs

             0.75-1 ton of grain 

Ducks/Chickens/Rabbit: 8-12 weeks (TBD)

              6lbs of grain/kg weight gain, ruffage

*These calculations do not including any heating, water, power, tags, medicine, transportation, etc. 

Buying Direct, Explained

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